VIDEO: Things to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Welcome to Melaka’s Old Town.

It’s the third biggest city in Malaysia and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was founded in the 14th century by an fleeing prince from Sumatra. It was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and finally the British. I am going to show you Now. You need a to see that, now allows explore Melaka!

Christ Church was constructed by the Dutch in 1753 to commemorate the city’s job. It was converted into an Anglican Church from the British.   The next is until Christ Church was constructed by the Dutch, St Paul’s Church, which was the main church in Melaka. Even before when the British arrived and that the Portugues used as a catholic church it they used it for ammunition warehouse.

VIDEO: Things to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Porta de Santiago or A Famosa is the one of the oldest surviving constructions. Taming Sari Tower is really a twirling tracking deck that requires you 100 meters in the skies to receive amazing views of Old Town Melaka.

Melaka is hot! And the ideal way is by eating a cendol. I am trying a one with Durian, a Southeast Asian fruit that people love. Mix it up, and attempt! It taste delicious although the fruit is infamous for its odor!

This is Jonker Street. It was full of antique stores but those have since given way. Is Nyonya Laksa, which includes chillies, spices, chicken, shrimp and egg, it’s so good!

VIDEO: Things to See and Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Cheng Hoon Tenge Temple is the oldest temple in Malaysia. It practices the three methods of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.   It’s but one of the most gorgeous temples in Malaysia and it shouldn’t be missed!

Melaka is a picturesque colonial town certainly worth a trip.

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