10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Among the many benefits of being a world traveler is that you get to attempt meals . I have been traveling around the world and I’ve had magnificent gastronomical adventures across the continents in cities. But few could compare. This town may be known for magnificent shore, its wonderful weather, and temples, but make no mistake: Busan is a city!

BIFF Square Street Food

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

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I had the pleasure of visiting Busan double in May of 2019 as my travel friend Sam and I criss-crossed the country. The two visits opened my eyes into exactly what Korean cuisine really is and actually blew my head. Spice is one of its hallmarks, for certain, but you rarely hear about this variety, colour, and depth of flavor.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Royal Korean Feast in Bansang Restaurant

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

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10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

From the fresh veggies to the chicken and sweet sauces here will tantalize even the pickiest of taste buds. All these would be the 10 Korean meals adventures you have to possess in Busan, South Korea.

Korean Chinese Foods in Gyeongju

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Without question, one of the best areas in Busan to attempt Korean street food is BIFF Square. House to the Busan International Film Festival, this square also includes street food sellers, each promoting unique and yummy snacks.

Korean Baseball Game Food in Sajik Stadium

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My favourite street food in Korea is a dish called tteok-bokki, which is composed of dense rice cakes in a sauce. It is sweet and tasty, as would be the fish cake and the meaty blood sausage.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Korean Bapsang Breakfast

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10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

I also suggest the crunchy dumplings called mandu, which can be full of fresh vegetables. Even the garibi, a grilled scallop topped with a yummy sauce, onion, corn, and cheese that is torched, is both salty and smoky. And should you would like to try out the fried chicken on the planet, acquire some dakgangjeong, which is coated in a spicy and sweet glaze and incredibly fresh.

Exotic Raw Seafood at Taejongdae Clam Tents

Beondegi was called by the truly adventurous can try out a fried silkworm larva dish, but others might need to substitute that having a dessert thing. From the choices, sweets lovers will rejoice from roasted marshmallows filled with white bean curd indoors with ice cream to waffle chunks here. They make eating in BIFF Square a few of the best Korean food adventures you have to have in Busan!

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Particular Korean Street Food in Gamcheon Culture Village

You’d be remiss if you didn’t delight in a hangjeongsik, then the local name for a meal when you go to South Korea. Among the best areas in Busan is in Bansang Restaurant, which opens at noon daily. It is located in the floor of a building near Haeundae Beach and boasts spectacular views of the water.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Korean Buffet at Vips

Your hangjeongsik will start with a mixed plate of gamy and fatty duck, a salad, and a fairly bland bean curd. However, the choices ramp upward as the courses continue with chilies and onions pumpkin, plus a few sweet potato glass noodles with a chicken. The was also a intensely tasty shrimp with egg and carrot, a unreal marinated steak with a touch of sweetness, plus a crispy eel tempura.

Dakgalbi in Bujeon-dong

Some of my favorites included tofu soup and the soybean with crab, the wild mushrooms and the kimchi. Wash it all down with some a black raspberry wine called Bokbunjajoo plus a yummy plum wine. With so much variety in tastes and textures, it is no wonder there is a hangjeongsik a food adventure you must possess in Busan!

Chobap in Jalgachi Fish Marketplace

While you’re in Busan, I advise that you have a day excursion about 47 miles north of the city to Gyeongju. Can you see intriguing imperial tombs there, but you can also have some of the greatest Korean Chinese food in the country! I recommend having your Korean meal.

BONUS: Buddhist Monk Food in Beomeosa Temple

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

I suggest beginning your meal with a few tangsuyuk, which is bits of breaded pork in a thick sauce with pineapple, onions, and carrots. The pork is having a crispiness from the frying process.

From the tangsuyuk, move on to a dish called jajangmyeon, or Korean Chinese noodles in a black bean paste. This is not a diet food, that’s for certain! It’s tasty and rich and comprises a generous quantity of pork fat and chunks of pork! This dish alone is among the Korean food adventures you have to possess in Busan.

I also enjoyed the jjamppong, which is a spicy seafood soup with noodles and the pork-filled dumplings called gun-mandu. Try out the gun-mandu in the supplied sauce, and this provides a completely new level of flavor.

Believe it or not, among the best Korean food adventures in Busan is in a baseball stadium you have to possess! When you proceed to see the Lotte Giants play forget the road food outside and head to the concession to possess the stadium food of your lifetime!

While the food served in baseball games in the States is overpriced and awful, Korean stadium food is out of this world and inexpensive. I have discussed fried poultry, but it is worth another mention here. It is coated in a sweet and spicy sauce which had my own taste buds dance!

I also can’t speak without speaking about its hot, and sweet sauce and the. It was phenomenal, and arrived with even a bass cake, along with odeng. When you visit with Busan they are all must-haves!

Speaking of tasty, cheap food in Busan, there are few things more delicious or more affordable than a bapsang. A bapsang is a Korean meal which centers around meat, vegetables, soups, and sides. To Sigol Bapsang Busan, I suggest a visit for an excellent introduction into the area of bapsang.

There, you may enjoy a more spread which includes 11 sides and 3 major dishes. The main dishes include jeyuk-bokkeum (spicy, stir-fried pork in gochujang sauce), fish with skillet, and a spicy crab and tofu stew called sundubu jjigae. The jeyuk-bokkeum is supposed to be eaten wrapped in the lettuce that was supplied. It leads to a savory and fresh bite that is truly out of the world!

The sides consist of greasy glass noodles called tender fish cakes japchae, along with a cloudy and yummy seaweed soup called miyeok-guk. I also enjoyed a combination of mushrooms and roots, leafy greens, and a fervent kimchi. There was also a salad with a sweet sesame dressing which needed a chocolatey flavor. The other highlight was the pajeon, which is a spring onion pancake.

This bapsang is the largest feast I’d in South Korea. At only 9,000 won, or about $7.41 U.S., it’s an affordable and yummy Korean food adventure you must possess in Busan!

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Travelers with an adventuresome palate can’t miss the Taejongdae Clam Tents. At Tent you can appreciate one of the most exotic feasts on earth. This meal isn’t for the faint of heart!

This meal is an raw fish feast. It is composed of several items such as clams, oysters, and mussels, but also contains. These would be the side dishes. The class is a freshly-killed and chopped-up octopus. It is so fresh that the tentacles squirm and writhe around on the dish.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

The clams and mussels are delicious, particularly. Theywere the highlight of this meal for me and’re fresh and succulent. The things I could not identify ranged from tough to pleasantly tasty.

The octopus is chubby and fresh, as you would anticipate octopus to become. Eating it’s a small chore. You have to chew on it completely before you swallow, or you face the risk of it latching into the interior of your anus. Even since you chew, you’ll feel it grabbing the tongue and the inside of your cheeks!

There’s no doubt that this is 1 fish feast you won’t ever forget. That is what makes it among the greatest Korean food adventures you have to possess in Busan!

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Gamcheon Culture Village is a quirky area right in the heart of Busan. It is a great place to try out some of South Korea’s more special road foods and an amazing tourist destination.

There, you can try out an adequate, or even slightly underwhelming, deep-fried fish paste cake with shrimp called a sexy bar. An option I wanted was the bungeo-ppang, which will be really a waffle with red bean paste filling. It was very tasty and reminiscent of a dish that I tried in Japan months earlier.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

It is also possible to attempt a frozen beer, which was so distinctive I didn’t really understand exactly what to make of it. The highlight was a ball of gelatin which includes powdered peanuts around the side. This odd dish was my favorite and is easily a Korean food adventure you must possess in Busan!

You’ll see another incredible experience in a great buffet restaurant called Vips. So that you may wash your hands before you eat, they supply you with anti-bacterial wipes.

The choices at Vips are extensive, so I advise trying. I suggest moving with all the cold and glass noodles that are spicy and a crunchy and spicy salad with cabbage and spring onions to start. I could not pass up another chance to get any tangy tteok-bokki, which was hot.

You can’t miss the tender and succulent barbecue pork and succulent shrimp, which had a sweet glaze on it. In addition, I recommend the amazing fried chicken, which was coated in a honey glaze that is sour and sweet. Wash it all down with a hoppy and mild craft beer in Jeju Island!

During my second visit to Busan, my travel friend Sam and I stayed in the area. There, you’ll get a great place serving dakgalbi, a barbecued chicken dish with cabbage, green peppers, spring onion, rice cakes, and peppers.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

The dish is prepared on a grill right at your desk. It smells as the chicken and vegetables pop and sizzle, as well as the flavours of sauce that is gochujang, veggies, and the beef are better. It is tender, bursting with flavor, and is one.

Once you consume about half of your dakgalbi, you can purchase fried rice. The cheese melts throughout and the rice at the bottom becomes crispy, which adds flavor and feel. This dish is one of the greatest Korean food adventures you had me and have to possess in Busan!

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Without a doubt is currently ingesting chobap. This fish dish is similar to Japanese sushi and is produced in a similar manner. The ideal place is the biggest fish market in all of Korea, in Jalgachi Fish Market!

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

Research this first degree of this market’s stalls to find a fish you’d love to consume. You’ll find 900 stalls, so there are a great deal of options. The selection of fish available is mind-blowing and a little overwhelming! But the seller will prepare it and send it up into the next degree, when you find the fish you want.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

There, you’ll relish your chobap feast. Mine was a propagate that included eight bits of three distinct kinds of fish every day, including the flounder I’d selected downstairs. This was the freshest and tastiest seafood I’d ever had in my entire life! I enjoyed that it had a cut than Japanese sushi, and the chef had even added wasabi between sticky rice and the fish.

As far as I love Japanese sushi, I have to acknowledge chobap became my very favourite fish dish following this meal. The beef was tender and succulent, and the assortment of sauces (soy sauce, sriracha, also gochujang) was also unparalleled. You haven’t lived until you’ve had raw fish together with gochujang sauce!

When you’ve completed your chobap, I urge diving into the banchan. They included edamame, carrots, corn that was carrot, a jelly, and ginger. The ginger is fantastic! The side is a fish head soup with a spicy broth that’s bursting with Korean tastes. It is certainly one of the greatest Korean food adventures and is to expire you have to possess in Busan!

Hands down, the most immersive adventure you’ll have in Busan is a overnight stay in Beomeosa Temple. There, you’ll learn about Korean Buddhism from the monks and appreciate two excellent foods.

10 Food Experiences You Have to Have in Busan, South Korea

You will dine together with all the monks, who will describe how to properly consume on mats. There are tons of rules, so make sure you pay attention! During my stay, I had a seaweed soup for dinner and a bowl of rice. Don’t take greater since you have to complete it all than you can eat! You have to hold your bowl up to your face until you’re finished, and can’t talk through your meal.

Breakfast the next morning consisted of rice, spicy kimchi, and crunchy and earthy seaweed. You follow with java and an orange. It is food that is simple, using ingredients that are simple, and yet it’s magnificent. The peaceful surroundings and it only amplified it nonetheless another food adventure you must have in Busan.

Busan might not be known as one of the major food cities of earth, but it should be. There is a lot of variety there, making you appreciate the scope and breadth of Korean cuisine. Whether you want vegetables pork, or fish, you’ll find. Each flavor and texture combination is surprising and more unique and is like carrying your taste buds on a fantastic journey. I can’t recommend this town highly to anybody intending on visiting South Korea. Book a visit to Busan now to experience its joys!

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