8 Amazing Aerial Photos of Kruger National Park

On my latest visit to South Africa, I had the opportunity to invest 10 nights at the South African bush taking pictures of Kruger National Park because of a South Africa promotional movie project along with my web show. Kruger National Park is your best location in the nation. On any given day you view the Big Five in only one afternoon game drive each or can experience the thrill of a kill.

Before this trip I bought a DJI Phantom Vision that we can get photography and footage . I wish I had understood more about the stringent regulations against drones (due to poaching) at Kruger, because of this we had been very restricted with locations where we can send the drone up. The areas provided views of the park. Here are just 8 of my favorite pictures of Kruger National Park:

Our Ranch vehicle parked in a watering hole near the Nokana Safari Camp

Views of the Sand River Supporting the Umkumbe Safari Lodge

The canvas tented lodges of Nokana Safari Camp

8 Amazing Aerial Photos of Kruger National Park

Bird’s eye view of our safari Team standing

Aerial shot at 100+ Ft over Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Aerial photo of Kruger National Park Through September, a Quite dry month

The Sand River Supporting Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Our safari convoy heading out into the bush

Here is an Excess photo that we All the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg

Have you been to Kruger National Park? 

Let us know which area of the park is the very best for wildlife!

Special thanks to Sun Destinations, AirLink along with Nicky Arthur PR.