VIDEO: Leading Sites of Segovia: The Unforgettable Restaurant Meson de Candido

David’s Been Here is currently touring all of of the best websites and eats of Spain’s historic city of Segovia. A 30-minute train journey from Madrid, come for Restaurant Meson de Candido, clearly, the heritage, culture Roman aqueduct system, also to Segovia. Among the oldest restaurants in Segovia, this family run institution and A regional favorite has been going strong for five decades since 1786. With yummy the famous plate smashing, a classy atmosphere and food heritage, there are loads of reasons to pay Candidos a trip. Tour the restaurant, then take a look at the menu and then see as the plate beating for himself tries from. For more information on seeing this restaurant that is unforgettable, check out the David’s Been Here Guide on Madrid available for the Kindle too.