Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

Sweden is a land rich amazing structures that tell stories about this country’s past, in medieval castles. Involved in several wars, Sweden had to built castles, engineering masterpieces intended also to pass on the test of time and calamities and also to provide protection. But the majority of these castles are not beautiful creations, but also strong structures constructed to manage the enemies.

Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

Royal Palace of Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace

Sweden is famous for its beautiful castles, concentrated mostly in the southern portion of these lands, the very populated area in the country. Here are the three of the most Gorgeous castles in Sweden, if you are intending to see the castles of Sweden:

Gripsholm Castle

A castle Such as Stockholm’s Royal Palace Is Difficult to miss during a Visit to Sweden.

This architecture that covers the area of meters overlooks the Old Town of Stockholm, along with tourists’ itineraries from all over the world who see the capital of Sweden. Tourists have entry into the castle courtyards, the State Room, the Royal Chapel, the Reception Rooms along with lots of other magnificent rooms that are a part of this construction.

The castle has over 600 rooms and is the official home of His Majesty the King of Sweden. It homes not as five museums. It was developed in the 18th century following the Italian Baroque design on the foundation of this”Tre Kronor” Castle, a structure that was burnt down in 1697.  A must view is also the Changing of the guard event, which occurs at 12.15 pm on weekdays and 1.15 pm on Saturday.

The Drottningholm Palace is situated Situated on the Lovön Island, in the outskirt of Stockholm.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site has been set in gorgeous scene, an idyllic area ruled by gardens and woodland.

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The castle was built in 1662 for both Queen Hedvig Eleonora and now is considered to be the popular and most beautiful castle in Sweden. Often called the”Versailles of the North”, this castle loves a glamorous architectural design, but the interior is less opulent than the real Versailles Palace in Paris.

The interior follows the Baroque design and by the windows of its chambers the inhabitants, the Royal Family, will admire a splendid Baroque design backyard that goes in the 17th century. Do not miss the Pavilion that comes with its very own beautiful gardens and a trip of this Court Theater.

Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

This Gorgeous castle belongs to the Royal Castles and is situated in Mariefred, Also a Place near Stockholm, on the Beaches of Lake Malaren.

Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

The construction of this castle began in their King Gustav Vasa’s initiative. Its interior houses many different fashions that date in the 16th century.

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Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

The Renaissance style interiors are among the most precious treasures of Sweden and also a must see during a tour of the castle. By the orders of Queen Hedvig Eleonora, a patron of architecture and arts, in the 1690s, a new wing that was made by Nicodemus Tessin was obtained by the castle. Of the three most gorgeous castles in Sweden we believe this is the most beautiful!!

Some of the Most Wonderful Castles in Sweden

The castle was modernized by Crown Princess Lovisa Ulrika’s initiative.

In 1781, an astonishing theater had been build in the plays inside a church from also a real theater buff Gustav III and also an actor.  Now the castle is a museum and houses the National Portrait Gallery of Sweden. The place’s backyard is also a must see.

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