Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

We fulfill blogger host, Kelly Rizzo, and music aficionado from Eat Travel Rock. Learn how this Chicagoan moved to world traveler out of real estate mogul. She travels the globe interviewing rock stars and chefs in local hangouts. Seriously, just how sweet is that?


How did your passion for travel begin?

My family didn’t travel far when I was growing up. We just went to Florida! He nor my mother have passports, Although my father was born in Sicily. I knew from a young age that travel could be incredibly important for me and I understood because it was not actually a passion for my family that if I went to observe the planet, I’d need to do it. So I have gone beyond and over to overcompensate and earn travel one of the biggest parts of my life.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Just how are you traveling in any given calendar year? What are the sorts of places?

I’d say that I take about 2-3 trips per month meaning I’m”out of town” a great 10 days a month. I love moving EVERYWHERE. I love traveling of course, but I’m also excited to explore my own yard and fretting around our nation. My purpose is to go to all 50 states and I at 38!

What is it that you want viewers to get / learn in your show?

I want people to find out how I explore my love for music food, and travel. I really like to showcase it in ways in which it demonstrates to individuals a fun and approachable approach to incorporate these passions in their lives, also. The normal American could be intimidated by particular types of food, or cakes, or traveling to areas. I love to be their”buddy” — somebody relatable, yet fun with the insatiable appetite for experience and culture.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Name your top 3 destinations you’ve traveled?

Sicily (Seeing my dad’s hometown of Ciminna, in Which I still have a Lot of Household )

Give us your’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a list of sorts

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Japan (Undoubtedly the most Interesting culture and country I’ve ever experienced, in Addition to the food is Crazy )

How many countries have you visited so far?

Switzerland (no one understands hospitality like the Swiss: the folks are friendly, the land is stunningly gorgeous, and the food is devotion…and I’m obsessed with cheese and chocolate and those are a method of life to the Swiss!)

Your best three favorite cuisines?


Favorite restaurant on earth?

Favorite hotel: Alpina Gstaad in Gstaad, Switzerland: Uber luxury with the most outstanding rooms and suites I’ve ever seen. You can see me on site here:

Your travel film?

Favorite airport?

Favorite lunch spot: Chez Vrony in Zermatt, Switzerland: Mid mountain/ apres ski/ dining while over looking the Alps.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

City with the most friendly folks?

Favorite sport: Snowboarding in Zermatt, Switzerland: Even the most incredible mountain and infrastructure transport I’ve ever experienced.

Your favorite?

Favorite activity: Christmas market in Zurich: A foodie’s paradise, and most of the mulled wine you could ever expect.

When traveling, best method you kill time?

Favorite Spa: Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland: The curative natural thermal waters that flow throughout the town are exploited beautifully by Grand Resort and used in their bathrooms and grotto… they even have a water bar and water sommelier plan!

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your livelihood?

20, but adding more every year!!

Your best piece?

Italian of course, Mexican, and Japanese

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

What are without?

This can be a demanding one. A week I ate at Per Se in New York and it had been beyond phenomenal. But I really don’t require good dining to be happy.  I’m also obsessed in Malibu for Sushi, also Carbone in New York for Italian.

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

Can Vegas Vacation count?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Haha- I love Under The Tuscan Sun, and Eat Pray Love due to Italy’s depiction. Also Sideways because I just went to Napa for my very first time this year… along with also The Beach makes me want to go to Thailand SO seriously!

Your travel quotation?

Zurich- glossy and superb modern and the SWISS sofa is magnificent.

Where to next?

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Japan Toba and Nashville, TN

My boyfriend Bob, he is the consummate traveler and I’ve never seen anybody get things taken care of how he could. It is amazing… I told him that he should’ve been a travel agent in another life! Plus just like I do he LOVES food and he is always up for something!

Read a book or write a blog!

Toshijima Island in Japan… tiny little fishing island that is part of their Mie Prefecture in central Japan.  I filmed this event there:

Bundle nicely!  Learn how to streamline although you bring, but while making certain that you have a huge amount of gadgets and accessories useful that could make your journey and life easier and more comfortable. Also understand that there’ll be delays, missed connections, incorrect instructions, etc.. Just look at this a portion of the experience and don’t let it make you down or frighten you!

My MacBook Air laptop, Sons Travel Bag and Lo, Wildfox sweatshirts, Vans or Converse.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Scuba and australia diving in the Great Barrier Reef!

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to Learn whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”  

— Mark Twain

March: Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia Chicago.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kelly Rizzo from Eat Travel Rock

Kelly Rizzo, a native Chicagoan who splits her time between Chicago and Los Angeles, is the rocker-chic host of’Eat Travel Rock TV,’ the favorite on-demand entertainment series where she goes behind the scenes and off the cuff with master chefs and other creative business heavyweights while traveling the planet. You may also find her coast for a food, travel & lifestyle pro, featured to VH1’s Large Morning Buzz Live from ABC’s FABLife with Nick Lachey. In 2017 she was also called”Travel Queen” from Michigan Avenue Magazine. Follow Together with her adventures in eating, traveling, and glancing out on Instagram, Youtube and EatTravelRock.com.