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David’s Been This is traveling in search of the greatest destinations and best attractions through Serbia. David brings the very things to us. Serbia’s third largest city, Nis is one of the destinations in the entire nation with loads of attractions, websites and monuments to show for it. Nis is famous for being the birthplace ….  Read More

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Best Fish to Eat

I’ve been road-tripping during Galicia now and I must admit that after all I learned about the seafood here, there have been a number of surprises along the way. Galicia is Spain’s region and features miles of pristine coastline. The cold Atlantic waters round Galicia are renown for those gifts they provide. 1. Mejillones (Mussels) ….  Read More

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UK Airports Are Working Hard To Make to be Accessible to Disabled Travelers

The 2015/2016 CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) was recently introduced to the general public, highlighting the current degree of accessibility of the UK’s busiest airports. Over 30 of the UK’s major airports were assessed on quality and the degree of support given to their clients with decreased mobility. The report emphasized that an impressive 85% of ….  Read More